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Abney's Little Scholars Preschool is a premier early child care center providing the BEST education for your child. We are the new standard for quality preschool education. We provide the flexibility, dependability, and security that parents love as well as the proper educational foundation to prepare your child for lifelong success.​

Our program’s goal is to provide a high-quality early learning program meeting each child’s needs and focus is always on what will best serve the needs of A.L.S. children, families and the community with an eye on innovation and advocacy for quality early education for children. This is an opportunity for your child(ren) to take part in planned, active learning experiences guided by our innovative curriculum. What are you waiting for give us a call today and become part of the A.L.S. family, we hope to see you soon!


Three, four and five-year old's enjoy a more structured day. Our preschool program offers a rich variety of projects and activities that build upon established foundations for learning while focusing on advancing language ability, mathematical reasoning, and scientific thought. Children develop independently and in small groups. We offer guided experiences that encompass all
the skills and understanding necessary for optimum development and academic success.




Activities of social, motor, language, cognitive and sensory experiences are planned for the preschool children. This is done through emergent curriculum where the children’s interests are observed, followed, and documented. Activities are then planned in all developmental areas which are connected to the children’s interest area. They include large and small group activities for the day, music experiences with song or dance, storytelling and role playing, creative movement activities, finger plays, arts and crafts, woodworking, outdoor play and special field trips. Naptime is scheduled in the afternoon.

The Philosophy of the Preschool Program is to provide children with endless opportunities to explore and investigate the world in which they live. The children's interests are paired with educational experiences (in all developmental domains) that are relevant, engaging, and meaningful. I believe that children who become active participants in their learning will continue this trait through their educational careers. To assist the children in becoming active learners, I have adopted an emergent (project based) curriculum.

  • Calendar, including the seasons, days of the week, and months of the year.

  • Coloring.

  • Colors.

  • Cooperation.

  • Cutting.

  • Drawing and painting.

  • Gluing.

  • Hygiene.

  • And much more..

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